An artisanal award-winning smokehouse, smoking salmon in a cleit inspired smokehouse. Local alder fires the smokehouse to create the heat and smoke required All managed by hand.

Premium branded Scottish seafood both core range (raw & cooked) & value add (ready meal) packed for retail & export.

Salmon, whitefish and shellfish processors

Primary fish processors and smokers.

Process and packing of whole fish, fillets and prtions from Scotland, Norway and Canada

Shellfish & whitefish processors selling to wholesale and retail

Mara Seaweed is a seaweed company producing premium seaweed products for the food market. Our award-winning innovative range of superfood seaweed seasonings – flakes, blends and powders – are a perfect way to enhance seafood. We are the UK`s leading sea-to-shelf producer of seaweed products, with expertise in sustainable harvesting, sourcing and of seasonal seaweeds from Scotland, and producing premium, nutritious and delicious products in our purpose built seaweed production facility. We currently supply seaweed into retail, food service, manufacturing, both in UK and internationally, and are also able to supply in bulk.

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