Fishmonger Masterclasses 2021

After huge demand for our very first virtual Fishmonger Masterclass series back in June 2020, we are pleased to bring you a new series this Spring. Acclaimed Scottish seafood chef Roy Brett, and Fishmonger, Author and Channel 4 presenter CJ Jackson from The Seafood School at Billingsgate, are back for a second series, offering you the unique chance to develop and improve your seafood knowledge and skills!

Fishmonger Masterclasses

WEDNESDAY 24 MARCH 10.30am – Both Ends of the Scale

This session will look at premium whitefish turbot, versus a more cost effective alternative such as megrim, helping you understand the range of options to support different price points for a variety of menus.

WEDNESDAY 31 MARCH 10.30am – Shell to Plate

Lobster, langoustine, razor clams and whelks!

In this session, CJ and Roy will discuss the wealth of shellfish from Scotland, sustainability, as well as demonstrating a dish each in our first live cook off!

WEDNESDAY 7 APRIL 10.30am – Seasonal Seafood

Do you know when the mackerel fishing season is? Or when to serve pacific vs native oyster?

In this session, CJ and Roy will take you through a range of species that highlight the importance and complexities of seasonality for seafood, with fishmonger demos including gurnard, oysters, mackerel and plaice.

Designed personally by Roy and CJ themselves, series two will help you identify what to look for when sourcing quality Scottish seafood, alongside many different mongering techniques across a wide range of species and seafood categories. CJ and Roy will also discuss sustainability and seasonality, as well as providing you with useful hints and tips to help achieve the best margins and use from a whole fish or shellfish. And of course, there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions to our hosts during each Fishmonger Masterclass.

Thank you for another successful Masterclass series!

A bit more about our hosts:


CJ Jackson has been Principal of The Seafood School at Billingsgate since 2005. CJ develops and delivers many of the public and industry classes covering lecturing – specifically on Sustainability and aquaculture, training on and around the market, cutting, cooking, assessment and training of chefs and Environmental Health Officers.

As a food writer and teacher, CJ has written a number of books over the last 25 years, trying to encourage people to enjoy more responsibly sourced seafood as part of a balanced diet.


Roy Brett acclaimed Scottish seafood chef and Chef Proprietor of Ondine. Roy is committed to sustainable seafood and works with small local suppliers to ensure the story of the ingredients is told on the plate. Ondine was the first independent restaurant in Scotland to have MSC certification for sustainable sourcing and as a leading industry figure, Roy has also advised the Scottish Government on sustainable seafood issues.

As well as the practical mongering tips across a range of species in the category, topics covered include seasonality, sustainability, what to look for when sourcing seafood, and importantly, how to improve margins on each fish by using as much as possible.  And, chefs will have the opportunity to put their fishmongery questions to the hosts. 

Clare Dean, Trade Marketing Manager for Seafood Scotland, said: “With many chefs having more time available just now, we wanted to offer support to those in the industry who are keen to keep their skills sharp, in anticipation of returning to the kitchen.  Our masterclasses, hosted by two of the best in the business, are designed to help them do just that.  We’ve been absolutely knocked out by the response and thrilled that so many chefs are interested to learn more about using Scottish seafood in their kitchens.”

“The food service sector is a vital part of the seafood supply chain, forming a key route to market for a significant proportion of domestically landed seafood.  It is therefore important that we continue to engage with chefs, as they are our advocates on the front line, making a plentiful range of seafood accessible for consumers.”

Recordings of 2020's masterclass sessions

Recordings of 2020's masterclass sessions


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