Seafood From Scotland Launches Website to Promote Access and Traceability for US Customers

Building upon generations of fishing history in the lochs and seas of Scotland, the Scottish seafood industry is bringing its passion for premium quality seafood to US-based customers with; a robust online resource for retail seafood buyers, chefs, restauranteurs and foodservice customers.

The new online resource provides extensive resources including:

  • Seasonality of seafood species
  • Connections to producers and distributors
  • Descriptions of seafood varieties for various culinary applications
  • Sustainability and certification information

Over 60 species of wild-caught and farmed seafood and shellfish are responsibly-sourced in Scotland’s 11,000 miles of pristine coastline. A growing trend is for chefs to make the direct connection with the producers who supply them with their products.

“With this new online resource, we have created an efficient way for US-based customers to find, source and learn about the origin of the seafood they’re buying to serve to their customers,” said Clare MacDougall, Head of Trade Marketing for Seafood Scotland in the UK and North America. “In Scotland’s clean waters, our fishermen and women find some of the world’s finest seafood, providing a valuable, high-quality resource that has been harvested by Scottish fishermen for generations,” she added.

According to one US-based operator, Kevin McIntosh of the Kilted Kod (Boise, Idaho) which features Scottish-inspired Fish ‘N Chips on their menu, “Having an online resource like this is just what chefs like me value when sourcing high-quality seafood and know exactly where it’s coming from.”

The website will be updated frequently with news and resources for retailers, chefs and foodservice professionals, and provides instant access to producers and distributors, able to supply US customers with this world-renowned seafood.

Clare MacDougall - Head of Trade Marketing

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