Amity Fish Companies dedicated team source the very best Seafood from selected accredited, local Seafood producers. Having built a strong reputation in the supply chain Amity continues to focus on seafood supply to customers B2B and B2C.

Local consumers, restaurants Fresh Scottish seafood, from the boat to the customer.

An artisanal award-winning smokehouse, smoking salmon in a cleit inspired smokehouse. Local alder fires the smokehouse to create the heat and smoke required All managed by hand.

Premium branded Scottish seafood both core range (raw & cooked) & value add (ready meal) packed for retail & export.

Fish processors for wholesale, also online suppliers of fresh seafood direct to consumers

Committed to Scottish provenance, SSC has a flagship of brands underpinned by our Provenance Guaranteed trademark; Tartan Salmon Label Rouge, Lochlander and Native Hebridean Salmon.

Manufacturer of coated and added value seafood and fish cakes.

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