Supper Club

Welcome to the Seafood Supper Club. The hottest restaurant in town this week…your kitchen!

What better way to help you cook Scottish Seafood at home, than personal recipes from some of Scotland’s top chefs? We’re on a mission to help everyone use more seafood …whether its lemon sole or salmon, cod, scallops or the favourite haddock. Take a look at some of our Supper Club guests to watch them have a go at the dishes and chat about Scottish Seafood.

If you need help buying some great Scottish Seafood, we’ve a few handy places to take a look through. There’s always your local retailers, independent fishmongers or growing number of fish box schemes where fish is delivered right to your door.

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Click Here to view the recipes showcased on our Supper Club

So far, our Supper Clubs have been held by

Carina Contini from the restaurant Victor & Carina Contini in Edinburgh
Jak O'Donnell from The Sisters in Glasgow
Craig Wilson from Eat on the Green
Adam Newth from the Tayberry Restaurant
Mark Greenaway from Grazing
Calum Montgomery from Edinbane Lodge


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